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    The Dueling Rules

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     The Dueling Rules Empty The Dueling Rules

    Post by Headmaster Roran on Fri May 17, 2013 2:20 am

    Below is the rules of dueling for Vroengard academy:

    In a duel there will be two players who will face off against each other. There will also be a referee who will control the match. A match will start with the referee saying anyone to move. Then the first player to reply to this making a move will take the turn. Then gameplay stops until the referee rates the move on a scale from one-six, one being the lowest and six being the highest. After the move is rated the referee will again say anyone to move and the game will work like that until it is finished. you are rated by the referee whom will role a dice. An odd role is a miss and an even roll counts as a hit. There is one exception for the gameplay stopping after one player makes a move. This exception being that if a attack is cast on a player than that player can then post a defensive move. Defensive moves must be posted before the referee rates the attack. a defensive move will take away from the damage received from an attack. Defensive moves are rated the same way as attack moves on a scale from one-six, with one being the lowest and a six being the highest. An odd role is a ineffective and a even roll will take effect. For the higher a defensive move is rated the less damage you will receive. There is two types of moves available magic, and weapons. Magic is spells from the ancient language, and weapons are using things such as bows, swords, hammers, ETC. As you progress you will unlock more spells and earn more weapons. To progress you must both succeed in classes and win in other games on this site. progression is tracked by an experience bar, which when you earn enough experience you will than be leveled up unlocking more things. Eventually you and your dragon will learn how to work together in duels and you will be able to do more damage with your dragons aid. The damage you receive is tracked by a health bar system. Depending on the spell cast, and the power of the spell will decide how much your health bar will drop. Also the amount of spells you can cast is rated by a stamina bar. The more powerful spells you cast, and more advanced spells the more stamina you will lose. Magic will take more stamina than weapons but will do more damage. Once your stamina bar is all the way down you will only be able to do a simple weapon attack which cost no stamina but will not do much damage. Critical hits are awarded when players get a six powered attack three times in a row. Critical hits increase the damage given on your opponent significantly. A game is over when all but one player has no remaining health.

    I must also add if you are not in a duel please do not post in it.
    For a list of moves please see the appropriate thread. Don't forget to have fun while dueling. lol!

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