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    Lesson 2: How to duel

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    Lesson 2: How to duel Empty Lesson 2: How to duel

    Post by Headmaster Roran on Thu May 02, 2013 5:16 pm

    This lesson will go over the basics of Dueling at Vroengard Academy. please note that this dueling rules will is only a brief overview of the rules. Once you get to the academy you will need to read the rules again.

    Dueling here at Vroengard is a big deal, but it's also very complicated. Dueling here has always existed from the beginning of the school. Lots of people have become master duelers, but first you need to learn the basics.
    When you first start training and dueling you will have hardly any skill at all, but as time progresses you will rank up more and more. First I want to go over the system of how a duel works. A duel start when two players and there ref are ready to begin. When you duel you will have a certain amount of health, and a certain amount of stamina. Each spell cost stamina so you will want to save it. Now when you get hit you will loose health depending on the power of the hit. As you win more matches and learn more things your health and stamina will increase. Your health and stamina bar is displayed in your profile.
    When the match starts players take turns casting spells at each other. After one player casts a spell and says who he want to direct it towards gameplay stops until the ref rates the hit. The rating is on a scale from 1-6 all odd numbers are a miss and even numbers are a hit. The higher the number the more damage you do. How the power is decided is the ref will role a dice and what number he/she rolls will be the power of the spell. After the ref says the power of the hit any player can now cast a spell. Also if a player who is about to get hit casts a defensive spell before the ref grades the hit the ref then deducts damage for how much defense the spell did. Defensive spells work the same as attack spells odd numbers being not efficient and evens being efficient.
    Also players can use non-magic attacks( swords, bows, etc.) and defenses that work the same way as using magic. Players can also summon there dragon to attack to but that requires more experience than a beginner has. As players progress they will also learn new spells and moves. A match is over when one player has no health remaining.

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