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    Lesson 1: A breif histoy of Alagaesia

    Headmaster Roran
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    Lesson 1: A breif histoy of  Alagaesia Left_bar_bleue100/100Lesson 1: A breif histoy of  Alagaesia Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

    Lesson 1: A breif histoy of  Alagaesia Empty Lesson 1: A breif histoy of Alagaesia

    Post by Headmaster Roran on Thu May 02, 2013 12:54 am

    Alagaesia has a very long history, but today I will be giving you a rather brief lesson.

    The dwarves: The second race to ever set foot on Alagaesia was the dwarves. The dwarves claimed that Alagaesia was created by there god Helzvog, they also claimed that they were created by Helzvog. The dwarves originally lived in the Hadarac Desert, a huge desert located right in the center of Alagaesia, but due to its lack of food and water they were forced to move to the Beor Mountains. They took refuge in the Beor Mountains and created the city Farthen Dur under the rule of their first king Korgan.

    The dragons: Dragons originally dominated Alagaesia being there before the time of the dwarves they were the first ever race to live in Alagaesia. The dragons were thought to be mere animals by both the elves, who came later, and the dwarves a lot. Both were of course wrong. Dragons are born smarter than any mortal, and also wield semi-passive magic meaning they cannot control there magic like mortals. Dragons are also immortal beings.

    The elves: Elves arrived in Alagaesia on ship coming from a land called Alalea, 5,217 years after Alagaesia was created. They made home in the land the called Du Weldenvarden, and other planes and forests. They made there capitol city in a place called Ellesmera, located deep in Du Weldenvarden. In 5,291 an elf slew a dragon thinking it a mere animal, which started a war between Dragon's and Elves. The war went on for five years, each side taking immense casualties, until finally a peace treaty was made. The peace treaty was know as the dragon rider pact. which enabled elves when there dragons hatched, to become one with there dragons and wield the magic there dragon had. Elves who weren't dragon riders still had access to magic and all elves are immortal.

    The humans: Humans arrived in Alagaesia as a fleet of twenty warriors. They came from a land southeast of the Beor mountains traveled through Farthen dur to trade with the elves then settled down in surda. They then soon left though. Century's after the fleet of warriors left a king named Palancar brought a fleet of ships and settled in a place near Teirm. Humans have since spread across Alagaesia. The humans are also now included in the dragon rider pact.

    The Urgals: Not much is know about the Urgals except they came from a land in the west and settled in the spine.

    The Ra'Zac: The Ra'zac followed the humans to Alagaesia and settled in the mysterious Helgrind. The Ra'zac are the offspring of the Lethrblacka and are very good killers and are nearly impossible to kill.

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